Transport Integration Ltd.

a leading Russian company in strategic consulting and planning for the transport sector

Our competences

The main areas of work in which we provide expert support
Development of strategies, concepts and government programs that define goals, objectives, targets and priority areas for the development of sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation and constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Strategic consulting

Development of transport planning documents that determine the prospects for the development of transport, transport infrastructure, organization and traffic safety, intelligent transport systems

Transport planning

Conducting marketing research of demand for transport and logistics services, assessing the elasticity of demand, developing recommendations on tariff policy

Marketing research

Development of strategic and program documents for scientific and technological development, digitalization of production processes, business plans and feasibility studies for the introduction of innovations and new technologies

Innovation and new technology

Development of investment justifications and business plans, organizational and financial schemes for their implementation, assessment of commercial, budgetary, socio-economic and environmental effectiveness of projects

Project management and attracting investment

Audit of public and private companies and development of recommendations to increase their competitiveness

Audit of operations and financial activities

Conducting research related to assessing the impact of various modes of transport on the environment, determining greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions, developing measures to reduce environmental pollution

Environmental studies

Development of program documents for the transfer of various modes of transport to the use of gas engine fuel and development schemes for gas filling infrastructure

Development of natural gas vehicles and fueling infrastructure

Future of transport systems
Future of transport systems
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